Mas Sunyer is situated in the north-east of Spain near the Mediterranean Sea, amidst the impressive region of the Alt Empordà (Catalonia). The district is occupying the plain formed by the basins of the Fluvià and Muga rivers, bordering on the north with the eastern end of the Pyrenees, near the Southern French border.

Mas Sunyer is a beautiful destination to find peace, inspiration and relaxation. Its a ideal retreat for friends, sports enthusiasts, yoga practitioners and a pure inspirations for artists and photographers. It’s made for groups and group leaders, for families and friends, artists, for workshops and events. The main house is a monumental building from 1200 and consists of 3 floors. Two charming additional buildings complete a wonderful estate, embedded in a unique Mediterranean landscape.

Our main aim is to protect this great nature paradise of 12 ha land with its wonderful flora and fauna because species diversity is regarded as the fundamental prerequisites of ecosystem stability where animals and plants can grow up and live. Our love for nature and all creatures is the driving motivation to protect and support our little paradise. We care for the environment;  acting ecologically sustainable is is an obvious approach for us as we take for granted the responsible use of the natural resources.